Global Manufacturing Technology

6 top core manufacturing technologies/Delicate precision/Zero defect

Qunfeng has mastered the core manufacturing technologies which is exclusively for creation of the best quality intelligent brick-making machine. Therefore, equipped with the fully automatic heat treatment production line, Qunfeng has been able to ensure the strength of every single component.And among the 6 technologies,either fiber cutting or CNC technology,all serve to guarantee the ultimate precision of every component.

Qunfeng believes that premium quality lies in critical requirement of every single componet&procedure and constantly pursues tailor-made products for each model with the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the field for that every piece shoud comply with the strict specifications of the national standard as well as ISO9001 quality system.

Fiber cutting machine
Qunfeng has throughly applied the imported fiber cutting technology to the manufacturing of components and spare parts.The industry-leading ultra-high precision laser cutting helps ensure smoothest surface and minimize deformation. Unlike conventional cutting technology,laser cutting works much better in respect to precision and protection of componets.

Welding Robot
Welding robot was selected to replace manual welding for the purpose of improving the overall structure performance and the advantages of it mainly are stability--much better than manual one,no fatigue,large working space,higher efficiency and working capacity all of which comes to ensure the superior quality and stability of the machines.

High precision gantry milling machine
Qunfeng strictly inspects quality that high-precision gantry milling machine was applied.There is ultra-high precision realised for those processed that it can be said that “sheer perfection”is just what it’s .

shoot blasting and sandblasting
Through the advanced blasting technology,metal shots are propelled at rather high speed against the surface to smooth while sands to roughen.Combining shot blasting and sandblasting, surface contaminants and oxide scales are effectively removed and fatigue strength remarkably enhanced.

CNC machine
CNC processing center has the advantages of high stability,high precision and high repeatability etc and QunFeng has comprehensively adopted CNC processing to achieve large-scale production meanwhile maintaining superior quality.

Fully Automatic Heat Treatment
In order to creat the best block machine,Qunfeng took the lead in introducing the fully automatic heat treatment system in the field which is also one of the prominent advantage of Qunfeng, and comparing with other technologies,heat treatment can largely improve the strength and toughness of metal, therefore significantly extend the lifetime of machine and mould without changing the shape and chemical composition of metal workpieces.

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